Monday, July 7, 2008

The Faith Once Delivered

The Rev. Bruce Coggin, a friend of our family who now resides in the Dio. of Fort Worth, is a guest over on Katie Sherrod's blog Desert's Child:
...we dare not—cannot, indeed—preclude the movement of the Holy Spirit in the church to deepen our understanding of God and of Jesus and our own place and work in the spread of the Kingdom on earth. The faith of God in Christ has been given to the saints, is being given to the saints today, will be vouchsafed to future saints until that Kingdom comes.

Our job is not to protect it; God requires no protection. Our job is to be open to it, to do our best to understand it, and to work with those who are with us—and those who are against us—and trust God to take care of the tares among the wheat.

Read the rest of Rescuing the faith once delivered to all the saints.


IT said...

For those who are interested, Fr Jake's site is back up, though largely expunged. It now includes his last post, and his essays on "stopping the world". If you ahve never read them, they give a great insight into who he is and his journey.,


David said...

Darn, we've been expunged. He should have at least bought us dinner first ;->

::evil chuckle::

David G. said...

Get on in Girl!!

What are you waiting for,..the FALLOUT???