Friday, July 14, 2017

Bombshell from the Vatican

So, big news is that two associates of Pope Francis have written an article in  La Civiltà Cattolica, an organ that is approved by the Vatican before publishing, and it takes down the unholy alliance between evangelical fundamentalism and conservative Catholics. THis is viewed as a slap at NearPresident Bannon--and more than a few American Catholic Bishops.  For example,
The erosion of religious liberty is clearly a grave threat within a spreading secularism. But we must avoid its defense coming in the fundamentalist terms of a “religion in total freedom,” perceived as a direct virtual challenge to the secularity of the state.
Then on the union of the Christian Right and certain Roman Catholics:
Some who profess themselves to be Catholic express themselves in ways that until recently were unknown in their tradition and using tones much closer to Evangelicals. .... the most dangerous prospect for this strange ecumenism is attributable to its xenophobic and Islamophobic vision that wants walls and purifying deportations. The word “ecumenism” transforms into a paradox, into an “ecumenism of hate.” Intolerance is a celestial mark of purism. Reductionism is the exegetical methodology. Ultra-literalism is its hermeneutical key.
Which feeling underlies the persuasive temptation for a spurious alliance between politics and religious fundamentalism? It is fear of the breakup of a constructed order and the fear of chaos. Indeed, it functions that way thanks to the chaos perceived. The political strategy for success becomes that of raising the tones of the conflictual, exaggerating disorder, agitating the souls of the people by painting worrying scenarios beyond any realism. 
Religion at this point becomes a guarantor of order and a political part would incarnate its needs. The appeal to the apocalypse justifies the power desired by a god or colluded in with a god. And fundamentalism thereby shows itself not to be the product of a religious experience but a poor and abusive perversion of it. 
This is why Francis is carrying forward a systematic counter-narration with respect to the narrative of fear. There is a need to fight against the manipulation of this season of anxiety and insecurity. Again, Francis is courageous here and gives no theological-political legitimacy to terrorists, avoiding any reduction of Islam to Islamic terrorism. Nor does he give it to those who postulate and want a “holy war” or to build barrier-fences crowned with barbed wire. The only crown that counts for the Christian is the one with thorns that Christ wore on high.
Social justice Roman Catholicism-- yes!

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Marshall Scott said...

IT, thanks for this. You may have noted that I picked it up for my site as well (with proper credit to you), because I think it's part of the narrative that "all Christians" aren't of one mind, and that the teachings of any one Christian community aren't all focused on a few hot-button (and politically useful) issues.