Friday, June 16, 2017

When Christians are under threat

Apparently, awareness of religious freedom and support for Christians under threat only applies to American Evangelicals offended by red Starbucks cups, same sex marriage, and "Happy Holidays". and not those literally at risk of death for their faith.

Honestly, wouldn't you expect the Christian Right to be loudly protesting this?
A large roundup of Iraqi Christians by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been met with widespread criticism toward President Donald Trump, who previously pledged to protect such communities from persecution in the Middle East. 
Dozens of Iraqi Christians and other immigrants were seized over the weekend in a series of ICE raids, many of which took place in Michigan, a state known for its large Middle Eastern population. Those arrested face risk of deportation back to their home countries, some of which Trump had previously criticized as being hostile toward Christians. 
.... Local lawyer Wisam Naoum said Sunday that ICE officers deliberately waited to take action when the local Chaldean Catholic Assyrian community gathered for mass....some final orders had been received to deport individuals back to Mosul, the former Iraqi stronghold of the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) that now serves as the venue for a violent showdown between the jihadists and an Iraqi government-led offensive. "
I guess not.  

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