Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter and all things made new

Happy Easter to our loyal readers!

  Sorry for the gap; I was traveling out of the country to the UK on business.  BP and I attended a weeknight evensong at Westminster Abbey and Palm Sunday at York Minster.  We also visited Liverpool Cathedral which is very large and to my eye, not very pretty.  But then, after York not much is!

 Since returning I've attended much of the Triduum services to serve as church photographer.  Pretty funny for your tame atheist,  but there we are.

 I hope that the Lenten and Easter experience has been a good one for you.  May we all greet the new day with peaceful hearts, even tempers, and resolution to do justice in the world.

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JCF said...

IIRC, Liverpool Cathedral was completed about 20 years ago, taking close to a century to complete! :-0

...then again, St John the Divine (in NYC---where Yours Truly received my doctoral degree. That is, commencement ceremonies for Teachers College, Columbia U.) is, after an even longer period of time, STILL unfinished!

Happy Easter, y'all: He is Risen Indeed!

[Another personal note: after singing my first solo ever (for the St Michael's choir) on Palm Sunday, tonight at the GVE I was completely voiceless. :-X Stupid rhinovirus...]