Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A note about trolls

Here at Friends of Jake we have an open comment policy.  Comments that disagree with the prevailing sentiment, even if not very politely, are allowed in the spirit of open discussion.  However, comments that add nothing but snark are removed.  The line between acceptable contrariness and pure trollishness is murky, but as the man said, I know it when I see it.

This is a subjective metric, and I am inclined to give more leeway to people I know and less to known trolls.  But, sometimes, even known trolls can make comments that fit the rules. And sometimes, our friends get a little carried away.  As with any blog, anyone who doesn't like the rules can always go comment somewhere else.

YOU can help by engaging real comments politely, even if you disagree, and ignoring the steaming masses of troll exudate.  Nothing attracts them back to the same ground then someone poking at the pile with a stick. If they get your attention, they will just come back for another eruption.  

Note that when I remove a true troll's comment, I will remove any that responded to it.  So just ignore the troll, please.

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