Friday, July 31, 2009

Merce does the dishes

For those who wonder about the "gay life-style" - a quote from Stephen Bates commentary in The Guardian:
Churchmen may resent being assumed to be prurient but that, of course, is exactly what they are. Behind every civil partnership, in their mind's eye they picture what the couple get up to in bed together and seemingly nothing else. Is it the same with the heterosexual couples they marry? Companionship, mutual respect, friendship, platonic love seemingly count for nothing. It must be the sex, otherwise, what's not to bless? The Guardian's obituary of the American dancer Merce Cunningham this week carried the charming story of his life's partner John Cage being asked about the nature of their relationship. "Well," he said, "I do the cooking ... and Merce does the dishes."


Kay & Sarah said...

Beautiful!! LGBT couples are so ordinary and boring. Sarah and I love music (she is the musician....I am the one who appreciates the music, we both cook, I usually clean the kitchen, she washes the clothes, we quilt, we like to travel. How more ordinary can you get?

Brother David said...

Roberto worked in the fields with our fathers, brothers, uncles and cousins. I worked in mental health and social work outside of our family/village co-op, with indigenous villages.

I did most of the cooking but he liked to do the dishes. He said that it helped soften has hands, hardened from farm work. He also called it "dish therapy." If he tarried coming to bed I could find him standing at the sink, his hands immersed in suds and his mind immersed in deep thought, staring out the window across the fields and orchards.

IT said...

Lovely, Dahveed. What a sweet recollection of your beloved.

I also do the dishes. BP is very creative and deliberate in the kitchen as a cook; most of the time I am the sous chef and the dishwasher. But alas I don't think deep thoughts while I do it.

Counterlight said...

Lately, for us a wild weekend is sleeping late and playing with the cats.

We share dish duty.

JCF said...

Before reading this quote re Merce&John, I made just this point on a recent thread at TA: What is "homosexual behavior"? Does it include taking out the trash, walking the dog, picking up the kids at soccer practice?

Of course, my TA correspondent immediately latched on the "picking up kids" part: "Teh Gays don't have kids! (And if they do, it's only cuz they're tragically stolen from Normal Christian Breeders!)" so he said (paraphrased).

Oy. Vey. :-/

IT said...

Indeed, JCF. My wife's kids are decidedly hers. And she has the scars to prove it....!

JCF said...

I later when on to challenge this poster at TA, after he said (re same-sex couples w/ kids) "At most one parent has a 50% role in their production, the other a 0% role" [that's basically a direct quote].

I then brought up some online friends of mine, a lesbian couple where one carried the (fertilized, duh!) egg of the other (because egg donor mom was having trouble getting pregnant).

"Go ahead" I said to the TA poster (Christopher Shell) "Tell the mother that carried the pregnancy for 9 months, then labor&delivery (plus breastfeeding) that she had a '0% role' in the birth of their son. Go on, tell her: I double-dog dare you!"

[As I recall from a photograph, the Birth Mom was a rather Tall&Large woman---probably easily capable of cleaning Christopher Shell's clock! >:-0 Of course, as y'all know, I ALWAYS eschew violence. ;-/]

IT said...

Christopher Shell makes me think of the old expression:

"Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than open it and prove you are."

The obsession of people like that with denigrating our families is sad .