Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gay Marriage IS religious freedom (video)

The infamous NOM video perpetuates the new right -wing myth that gay marriage is an attack on religious freedom. First of all, as I've posted previously, much of the video is attacks on gay rights overall, NOT just gay marriage. Their issue is that our very existence, and any civil rights we have, offends them.

And now, there is a terrific, measured video response. Check it out and use these points to fight back.

Remember, the right-wingers are on the attack. They haven't given up in Iowa or Vermont--or anywhere else. These are their cases. Be prepared!


JCF said...

Who is this guy? He's really good.

[Did that video a couple of months ago, on the difference between "Gay Bashing" and "Christian 'Bashing'" (Hint: in one there's bruised feelings, and in the other, there are actual BRUISES---or much, much, WORSE)]


I keep thinking about that 11 year-old boy, Carl Walker-Hoover, who (recently) hanged himself, after being relentlessly bullied at school as "gay" (unsurprisingly for an 11 year-old, it isn't clear whether he was gay or not). It's said that one of the things that set his persecuters off . . . was that he was a neat, polite, church-goer! Can't the Christianist 'phobes realize what they're doing? Their hatred, disseminated into the culture, will KILL their very own children (NB: I'm not commenting on this boy's mother---who's bravely come forward to tell her son's story---or their particular congregation: I have no evidence that they are specifically homophobic)

Anonymous said...

Yes, there is an excellent web site this guy runs, at Waking up Now, with a lot of his videos.

It's a little long, but essential background for activists.


Anonymous said...

Agreed about the tragedy that is killing children, whether or not they are gay. If only the haters would realize that by their judgement against us, they give hateful and hate-filled power to the word that is then used as a weapon against the innocent.


Cany said...

Excellent vid, and not too long! He does a huge favor to all of us in doing this.

I will check out the site.