Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More money to the Pro-Prop Hate crowd

From the comments in the thread below, Dr Primrose writes,
As you may know, the California Secretary State updates, on a daily basis, who is giving what amount to each of the groups supporting or opposing California ballot measures if the amount given is $1000 or more...

The ProtectMarriage.Com report shows that gargantuan amounts of money were given to them yesterday. $100,000 by both the Ahmanson and the Templeton people and a fair number of 5-digit gifts from Texas, Idaho Falls, and Pocatello.

Just so you all know. The next week promises to be really ugly.
Meanwhile, the No on 8 campaign reports that "Yesterday, the other side reported donations of $2.2 million, dwarfing the $255,650 we reported, and called on their donors to contribute another $3 million.

With this enormous sum of money they are buying every available ad space on TV in California to blast even more of their hateful lies and prevent our messages from being seen.

Unless we raise $3 million in the next three days we will likely lose."


David said...

Ahmanson, out-of-staters, the Mormons, the RC's, the Knights of Columbus,...

So except for "Hateful Howard," it looks like all the motivated opposition is not from Calif.

Why the fsck-ing hell is it so hard for "social conservatives" to just Leave. People. Alone. ?! And they complain about progressives meddling too much in peoples' lives... :P

Wormwood's Doxy said...

This just makes me ill. Like David, I just don't understand what makes people so full of hate and bigotry...

I've given four times, IT. I'm tapped out now. But I'll send e-mails to friends and see if I can encourage some donations that way.


Anonymous said...

Us too, Doxy. It's really scary. As are the conversations with the haters around the various threads. Some guy over at Susan Russell's basically told me that my getting married discriminated against HIM because it affects HIS ability to discriminate against me.

We're volunteering this weekend and going to a vigil Sat. night.


Anonymous said...

Some guy over at Susan Russell's basically told me that my getting married discriminated against HIM because it affects HIS ability to discriminate against me.

I actually had to pop over and read that comment thread just to see for myself. Wow....

But then, I think that goes back to Fred Clark's discussion of the persecuted hegemony. Certain segments of American Christianity have this desire to hold the paradoxical belief that (1) this is a Christian nation and yet (2) Christians are being persecuted and discriminated against here.

James said...

More money is not going to make a difference, I'm sorry to say. The overwhelming majority of Californians made up their mind weeks ago if not months ago. Few people are actually undecided. They use "undecided" as a means to avoid saying "I'm voting yes."

I think we should start a petition to amend the constitution of California to make it harder to get initiatives on the ballot which would change the constitution.

Just think of all the wonderful things the 80 million dollars would do.

Instead, because of bigot fundamentalists, 80 million dollars has just been flushed down the loo and children still go to bed hungry every night in the United States.

Jesus wept.

Anonymous said...

Yes James, but if we make it harder to amend the Constitution it will be harder to remove the bigotry later.