Monday, July 25, 2016

The House Divided

We are horribly polarized as a nation on lines of race, class, ethnicity, and religion.  Squabbling family members in different rooms can't agree on how to fix the problems of our common home.   There are too many people shivering in the basement, while the ones in the penthouse don't seem to care what happens to the garbage they throw out the window.

Clearly , we need renovations, and we need them badly. We agree on that, though we haven't agreed on how to make them.  There are some new ideas, which have not persuaded everyone.  Indeed, one faction has lit the place on fire.

Here's the point, my friends.  You can't make renovations to the structure of the house unless you join together to put out the fire first.  You may not be very enamored of the house mother, but no one will have any place to live unless the fire is extinguished and the arsonist's influence defeated.

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