Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Two parties, two Americas

Following the sober Democratic debate, Digby writes that the two parties might as well be in completely different worlds.
Republican America is a dystopian hellscape in which evil, violent foreigners are trying to kill us in our beds while rapacious jackbooted government thugs try to wrestle our guns from our cold, dead fingers and Planned Parenthood sociopaths are committing mayhem on children and selling the body parts. And that’s just for starters. 
Democratic America is a very powerful nation struggling with a declining middle class and economic insecurity at the hands of the ultra-rich, requiring some energetic government intervention to mitigate income inequality, solve the looming crisis of climate change and manage global crises without plunging the nation into more wars. They also must hold off that anarchistic opposition which sees the world as a dystopian hellscape and that may be the greatest challenge of all.

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JCF said...

In my nice, "Democratic America" grocery store today, I saw a (BIG!) guy (if you guessed white, you win!) wearing a t-shirt w/ this quote:

I was *strongly* tempted to come up beside the guy and say either 1) "Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!" or 2) "my condolences on your microscopically small penis". [That I didn't is, of course, because I was afraid of getting SHOT.]

If we're really TWO different Americas, can we please DEPORT this guy dafuq out of mine??? [And leave those nice Mexicans instead...]