Friday, May 22, 2015

Presbyterian Pastors scold their own re. Fountains UMN

John Shore tells us that a group of Presbyterian pastors has rebuked one of the leaders of the 8 churches in Arizona.  I've excerpted just a little-- go read the whole thing.

One of the churches in what I called the “Gang of 8″ is Fountain Hills Presbyterian, pastored by Bill Good.

This didn’t sit so well with some of other Presbyterian churches in the area. So yesterday the pastors of those churches got together and released this:
We … cannot support, condone, nor keep silent about anyone who claims Christian identity and then openly attacks the peace, unity, and purity of the Body of Christ by calling some within it “not really Christian.”
We believe Rev. Good’s actions are not in keeping with Jesus’ teachings, nor the teachings of our Scriptures. We implore Rev. Good and his colleagues to stop this divisive behavior. We stand in solidarity with Rev. Felten and our sisters and brothers at The Fountains, and hold them all in prayer. We also hold in prayer Rev. Good, our sisters and brothers in the congregation he serves, and the other clergy and congregations participating, trusting that somehow God’s love will win in the end for all of our sakes.

We implore Rev. Good and his colleagues to stop these attacks, take down their banners, and, in the spirit of Jesus Christ, seek to be in conversation and dialogue to seek deeper understanding and respect, rather than resorting to overly simplistic attacks that further drive a wedge into the heart of the Body of Christ—seeking understanding over division; seeking to love rather than hate; seeking to build up rather than tear down.


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