Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Thresholds for contemplation

One of the commonalities in the recent series we did on The Attraction of the Episcopal Church, is the sense that the new woshipper was left alone to be alone, "allowing me to simply be", said more than one.

In the Telegraph, a reflection on Evensong finds that threshold to be very Anglican.
Choral Evensong is a liturgical expression of Christ's Nolle me tangere – 'Do not touch me. I have not yet ascended to my Father' (St. John 20: 17). It reminds us that thresholds can be powerful places of contemplation; and that leaving someone alone with their thoughts is not always denying them hospitality or welcome.
I've always loved Evensong. Perhaps the best service to invite someone to is a well-done Evensong, peaceful, contemplative.  I love discovering a "real" Evensong when we joined the Cathedral, with the superb choirs and music, and the incense (which is known to be anti-depressant).

Truly a jewel of Anglicanism.

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