Friday, September 26, 2014

Update from Montana

Here's an update with more information from the case in Montana, where the married gay Catholics were told to divorce and split up before they could have communion.
[Bishop] Warfel, in a telephone interview on Thursday from Great Falls, said he thought opinions on the matter ran about 50-50, but Wojtowick, Huff and Shupe all say they believe it was more like 80-20 speaking on behalf of the couple.
One of the gay men is a former Roman Catholic priest.

A number of people have left.

The choir director resigned and is now attending the Episcopal church.

Sounds like a success for the new priest, eh?

Other churches in the community are reaching out to the men.  Including the Episcopal church, St James.
The Rev. Jean Collins of St. James Episcopal Church in Lewistown described the current controversy as a good opening for discussion and education about same-gender relationships and LGBT inclusion within the broader community. 
"Almost everybody knows somebody or loves somebody who is LGBT," Collins said, "but it's not something that's always talked about a lot, particularly perhaps in Lewistown. So it may be a good opening for that to happen in that community, and in individual churches and other civic organizations.".... 
Collins said she has already welcomed Huff and Wojtowick to worship and receive communion at St. James if they choose to do so. ... 
Asked if she were approached by a member of her own congregation who expressed concern about the inclusion of openly gay parishioners, Collins responded, "I would remind that person that we are all children of God and we should be treated that way." 
"And that's the bottom line," she added.

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John-Julian Swanson, OJN said...

Isn't it glorous to see the Episcopal Church coming down publicly in support of those good and gentle men! God bless Mother Jean!