Saturday, July 5, 2014

Republican Christianity: a counterfeit?

With the defeat of Eric Cantor (who is Jewish), all the Republicans in Congress identify as Christian of one sort or another.  All of them.

Now think about that.  Think about the >16% of Americans who are not affiliated. And another 5-6% who are of other faiths e.g., Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu...  (Data here)  Just another way that the ruling Republicans do not reflect America, ethnically, economically, or religiously.

From Religion Dispatches
The Republican Christians who now inhabit Congress have in most cases assertively presented their Christian faith as the glue that binds together their public service, their connection to their constituencies, and their policy thinking. It also frames the way they understand both collegiality and political compromise or the lack thereof. Like it or not, the Republicans in Congress are now a kind of congregation, a reality of church, a particular church, but still a church. Inescapably, now they present a Christianity in total power.
This is a perfect storm for Christianity. We now have a political party that deeply dislikes the first African American president (who is also a Christian), clearly opposes significant cooperation with him or his party, is reactionary on most issues from taxes to the environment to women’s health to full equality for LGBTQ folks, is wedded to a neo-conservative economic fideism, and is unapologetically Christian. It will be difficult to convince anyone that this Republican Christianity is not authentic Christianity because a religion reveals itself when it has political and economic power. 


PseudoPiskie said...

I just read Zealot by Reza Aslan. Seems that Paul was the first counterfeit Christian. At least according to James who happened to be Jesus's brother. Apparently anyone can claim to be a Christian. For the life of me I can't understand how people can worship the Bible. Even if they read the "plain meaning", they should get totally confused. Today's Republicans are totally confused and not just about religion.

IT said...

Indeed, PseucoPiskie. It's about fear.