Thursday, June 26, 2014

Task force releases study guide

The Episcopal Church Task Force on the Study of Marriage has released Dearly Beloved, resources for conversation and discussion around marriage.  This is not limited to same sex marriage, but a broad theological reflection about marriage and the church.
News release here (with other links)
Broad discussion will assist those deputies and bishops – representatives of us all – at General Convention 2015, when they receive our report and consider possible responses to our church’s call to deepen this conversation. 
The resource may be used in a variety of settings, and it consists of three different formats, which may be used independently of each other: a 90-minute event (which can be divided into three 35-minute sessions); a variety of 45-minute forums; and a lengthy article for a study group. All three formats cover theology, history, scripture, current trends, and more, with guidelines for presentation and questions for group discussion.
The Tool-Kit “Dearly Beloved” here

The PowerPoint for the “Carry-On Conversations” resource here

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