Friday, May 23, 2014

Republicans want to cut food aid to urban children

....but only URBAN children. You know. THOSE people.This is deeply disturbing.
Josh Marshall recently highlighted Republican efforts to limit food aid for the summer to rural children only. Let me say that once again for emphasis: “limit food aid…to rural children only.” Much has been made of how gerrymandering has allowed Republicans to choose their voters and become the party of older, ruralwhite people. This is the apogee of confirmation for that theory.....
Let me be clear. Offering food aid to children in rural areas while denying that same aid to children in urban areas is a poorly disguised attempt to replicate the effects of Jim Crow policies. The impetus for the Civil Rights Movement wasn’t merely a desire to be able to sit in the same classroom as white people (although the continued reality of segregation is undeniable), but to demand rightful access to the resources that black tax dollars paid for. Republican attempts to limit aid to “rural kids only” is a thinly veiled challenge to the laws designed to end Jim Crow policies. Combined with recent efforts of voter suppression and the refusal to amend theVoting Rights Act, the Republican position amounts to open contempt for black Americans’ rights as citizens.
Why are they not getting called out for this bold, obvious policy? 

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