Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Inching towards Easter on LGBT rights?

Reflecting on the latest poll that once again shows increasing support for marriage equality, among all age groups, with a record 59% of Americans on our side,  Andrew Sullivan writes,
I’m honestly staggered by the swiftness and totality of this victory in public opinion. But also, of course, incredibly heartened. Our gamble was correct: if we speak our truth, others will listen; if we explain our pain, others will salve it; if we are guided by our consciences, and make our arguments sincerely, Americans will come around. I wish more Christians would see this for what it really is: a huge moral achievement, an expansion of human consciousness and compassion, an extension of mercy and of dignity to many long shunned and excluded for irrational and often hateful reasons, and, above all, the alleviation of profound and ancient and unnecessary human pain and suffering.

I wish more Christians could see that this movement has been and remains God’s work on earth. But that wish, every day, becomes more and more of a reality. The long, dark Lent of gay history is slowly inching toward Easter.