Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Here we go again: the Roman Catholic purge

The Roman Catholic purge of gay and lesbian teachers continues.  I've told you about this before, this spate of firings of teachers  who are discovered to be gay and partnered, sometimes in response to anonymous denunciations.  And it just keeps happening.

The latest one is rather different.  The teacher in this case  was perfectly open about his sexuality.  He even brought his partner to school events.  Here, the sin he committed was simply to get a marriage license.  A civil marriage license.  That was enough to terminate him.

Now, there are numerous types of civil marriages that the Roman Catholic church considers invalid.  The obvious one is marriage between people who are divorced.   But if you are Catholic and you get a civil marriage rather than a Church marriage, it is not recognized by the Church either.  I wonder if they are poking their noses into their straight teachers' lives, asking if they've been divorced, or where they got married.

Needless to say this sort of thing isn't looking good for the church. Fair minded people with friends or family who are LGBT notice, and disagree.  This is one of things that makes "ex-Catholic" a rapidly expanding religious identity in this country.

Firing a man for taking advantage of his civil rights and making a commitment to his partner?  NOT a good move.

Attn Timothy Cardinal Dolan:  this is how you get "out-marketed".

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JCF said...

Recognizing that (almost certainly to-be-named Person of the Year) Pope Francis has a To-Do list extending from the Earth to the Sun, when the f#ck is going to do something about the U.S. Catholic autocracy? Denouncing "trickle down" is great, but when it comes to (openly) LGBT people, the RCC isn't dispensing justice any better than the capitalist market.