Friday, September 6, 2013

#NALT: Susan Russell steps up!

i told you a couple of days ago about Dan Savage's new "NALT" campaign. This is  a video campaign where straight and LGBT Christians tell both the LGBT community AND other Christians that they are "not all like that", that Pat Robertson, and Tony Perkins, and Timothy Cardinal Dolan do not speak for "Christians" when they spout their anti-gay rhetoric.

Our own friend, the Rev. Susan Russell, has added her voice to the campaign.  Where's yours?

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Erp said...

Well some of us aren't Christian.

I will note that the associate dean of my local university chapel, an Episcopal priest, will be marrying her partner of 20+ years soon now that it is legal and likely to remain so (she announced it last Sunday in church). And the chapel itself just passed the 20 year mark since it started blessing (then marrying in the brief pre prop-8 period and now again) couples of the same sex. Gene Robinson will be preaching there Nov. 3.

At my nearest church (1 block away), American Baptist, the minister is openly supportive.

But then there are the others who dominate the media. When will a Roman Catholic bishop speak in full support (even if it then means being exiled to serve the Catholic community on the island of St. Helena). And the Southern Baptist ministers? Those are the two largest denominations in the US (even if their figures may be inflated a bit by no longer active).