Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm back!

Hi, Folks, I've been away (as my trusty friend JCF noted) with very little internet or media exposure. Ah, blessed silence. Here I am cleaning up the spam comments and retrieving legitimate comments that did not get posted. As you have noticed, there's an increased amount of spam in the blogosphere. I will be back with my normally trenchant commentary this weekend, when I finally return to my usual time zone. Meanwhile: consider this an open thread. What have I missed? ;-)


JCF said...

Well, I hear there has been quite the To Do in Rome. ;-/

I've been trying to think Good Thoughts re Pope Francis. Seriously, I have (papally, there was really nowhere to go but Up, amirite?).

At the same time, to hear some RCs (and the secular media?) fainting w/ rapture over the Cleric-Formerly-Known-As-Jorge-Bergoglio has been a Bit Much, as well.


58% approval of Marriage Equality!!! (And on the eve of SCOTUS! Pessimistically, I fear Scalia and Co will whine "See, the political process will take care of this---why do we need to overturn Prop8?")


Pop culture wise, I fear Bo&Lauren's (f/f couple on Lost Girl, Mondays on the SyFy network) relationship is hitting the rocks. :-(

[There, now you're all caught up w/ everything, IT. ;-p]

PseudoPiskie said...

I don't know what you've missed other than what JCF said But you have been missed! Welcome back.