Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Takin' it to the streets: Ashes to Go

It's time for our yearly debate about the Ashes to Go movement.  This year, my wife BP and friends from St Paul's Episcopal Cathedral are participating.  They have teams in cassock and surplice spread out around San Diego this morning, with sandwich board signs announcing Ashes to Go.  I will be very interested to hear from her tonight how it went.  (Alas, work calls or I would be there with my new camera!)

I really love the evangelism of the A2G -- taking church to the people, and not waiting for the people to come to church.

As I wrote 2 years ago (the ultimate narcissim, quoting myself):
First, it's a powerful outreach. To those fallen away, it is a call back to the signs and rhythms of the liturgy. To those who may be questioning, it is a step towards belonging. Basically, for people who are not going to church, and who aren't going to go in "cold", it's an invitation and a welcome. Maybe it will call them to want to learn more. 
Second, it's a statement of faith in the public square. ... You Episcopalians are the nicest group of Christians that no one knows about, and too often hide yourselves in the walls of your churches. Why not make a statement of who you are where people can hear it?
Are you doing A2G?  Have you seen any A2G stations in your community?  


Brother David said...

I had double bypass surgery back on 15 JAN. I am now a Type 2 diabetic taking 2 forms of daily insulin. And I am now involved in Cardiac Rehabilitation in a clinic where we are constantly monitored as we develop our new hearts with an exercise regimen.

As I walked into the hospital clinic today a glimpsed a few smudges on foreheads and remembered that today was Ash Wednesday. It had slipped my mind. I new that the chapel was just around the corner from the elevators that would take me to the Rehab Lab, so I peeked in to see and sure enough they had ashes to go. Two brief sentences and I too had a smudge. I was reminded of it all day as my smudge evoked questions or reminded others of the day. I think it's a good thing!

IT said...

First, I am sorry of your health problems. You are so young for these. We will all hold you in our hearts.

Second, I thank you for your words of truth. This TOTALLY shows how important it is to reach out. Grace should not be limited to thosewho are already in the club, or have time to visit the clubhouse.

JCF said...


Get well, amigo.

A blessed Lent to all at FoJ's.

Anonymous said...

For the second year in a row St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Saranac Lake, NY provided ashes to go. It is truly a privilege to participate in this ministry.