Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Catholic "persecution"?

This is enough to make one sick.  

As we know, documents released in Los Angeles  expose the massive systematic cover-up of abuse by the Catholic hierarchy.  A commentator at National Catholic Reporter writes,
... they bought into the bubble and helped keep it going: Inside archdiocesan offices, the church was the real victim, a casualty of a biased media and anti-Catholic lawmakers out to make a name for themselves. At the high-end fundraisers and award galas celebrating social justice and good works, the archdiocese was an unswerving force for positive change in a polyglot city, its motives unquestioned beyond a vague sense that, sure, some bad things happened, but these were far overwhelmed by the good. No reason to accentuate the negative.
Not just justifying silence by other good deeds, but actually claiming victimhood.  It gets worse.  I can't believe this:
The Vatican’s head of doctrine says critics of his faith’s anti-gay crusade are conducting a “concerted campaign” to discredit the Catholic Church that is resulting in open attacks against priests. 
In an interview published on Saturday by Germany newspaper Die Welt, Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Mueller likened the sentiment directed at the Catholic Church to that of the persecution against Jews in Europe during World War II.
The hubris, the arrogance.... it's just breathtaking, isn't it?


Wormwood's Doxy said...

Textbook case of projection....

Which does not make it any less sickening.

dr.primrose said...

Frank Bruni column in the N.Y. Times on the RCC's pattern of shifting its claimed moral absolutes when it's in its self-interest to do so -- A Convenient Morality.

IT said...


JCF said...

At this point, it's all so Shockingly Predictable.

Not until the RCC groks the concept of the Independent Prosecutor, will any of this begin to change. They're so far beyond self-reformation, they're frozen-in-ice (See re Dante's Inferno, Lowest Level of)

JCF said...

Test, test, test?

Looks like FoJ has gone moderated (Le Sigh). Am looking for my previous post.

IT said...

I've adjusted the comment moderation to affect older posts. Right now, we're getting about 5x as many spam as real comments; hopefully google will fix soon!