Thursday, December 6, 2012

Waiting for Scotus

It's interminable, this waiting.  Waiting to see if we would be allowed to marry.  Waiting after we got married, to see whether Prop8 would pass.  Then waiting to hear if the California Supreme Court would uphold Prop8, and whether they would annul our marriage (they upheld Prop8, but also upheld our marriage).  Waiting for DOMA to be challenged, so our marriage becomes visible.  Waiting, when the Prop8 case went to the Federal Courts, and Judge Vaughn Walker found in our favor.   Waiting for the appeal to the Ninth circuit, and its narrow ruling.  Waiting as the DOMA cases grew, asking for equal protection.  Waiting, now, for the Supreme Court.  Waiting, our hearts and hopes yanked back and forth.   Waiting still, as the announcement of whether they will hear any of the cases gets pushed back weeks, and then days, as though they toy with us.  Waiting.

I think I saw it in a play once, this thing about waiting for Godot the announcement.  It certainly sums up this last week.
ESTRAGON: It should be here.
VLADIMIR: They didn’t say for sure it’d come.
ESTRAGON: And if it doesn’t come?
VLADIMIR: We’ll come back tomorrow.
ESTRAGON: And then the day after tomorrow.
VLADIMIR: Possibly.
VLADIMIR:The point is—
ESTRAGON: Until it comes.


JCF said...

{{{IT & BP}}}

{{{Everybody waiting on SCOTUS w/ bated breath}}}

JCF said...


SCOTUS is taking up PropH8. California couples STILL can't get married!!! >:-O