Friday, September 7, 2012

Pope makes it official: dissenters should leave (Updated)

Just wow.
Pope Benedict XVI delivered an address from the Vatican on Sunday in which he suggested that those who disagree with Catholic teachings or do not believe in Jesus Christ should leave the church rather than become betrayers like Judas.
Our commenters point out that the Pontiff spoke in general terms about "insincerity". But those with particular agendas were ready to read more into the speech.
LifeSiteNews reported that Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro, the Human Life International Rome Director, confirmed that the pope's comments are very much related to the Catholic Church's formal teachings in support of traditional marriage and pro-life views.

"For those Catholics who cannot bring themselves to believe the formal teachings of the Church on life and family matters it would be more honest to leave the Church rather than betraying Her," Barreiro said.

….Monsignor Barreiro noted that differences in opinion were not prohibited in the Catholic Church, but in some circumstances it was better to just obey the important teachings and "sacrifice your will."
Really?  Pay, pray and obey is all there is?  And Catholics who dare to think for themselves should leave?  It's rather breathtaking, isn't it?  But it's in keeping with what we've seen before;  for example Archbp Nienstedt in MN who said that it would be better for a mother to reject her gay child than disagree with the church, for her own salvation. 

Just pause for a minute and let that sink in.

Meanwhile a diagnosis of what ails the Roman Catholic Church from the late Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini who died in Varese, northern Italy, on Aug. 31 at the age of 85.
[T]he church must recognize its errors and follow a radical path of change, beginning with the pope and the bishops. The pedophilia scandals compel us to take up a path of conversion. Questions about sexuality, and all the themes involving the body, are an example. These are important to everyone, sometimes perhaps too important. We have to ask ourselves if people still listen to the advice of the church on sexual matters. Is the church still an authoritative reference in this field, or simply a caricature in the media?…

 The sacraments are not an instrument of discipline, but a help for people in their journey and in the weaknesses of their life. Are we carrying the sacraments to the people who need new strength?...

The church is 200 years behind the times. Why doesn't it stir? Are we afraid? Is it fear rather than courage? ... Good people around me make me feel their love. This love is stronger than the sentiment of distrust that I feel every now and then with regard to the church in Europe. Only love defeats exhaustion. God is love. Now I have a question for you: What can you do for the church?
Two dramatically different views of Roman Catholicism.  Yet another reason to wonder if they are heading to schism;  with the Bishops allied with the conservative Evangelicals and the laity with the mainline Protestants!

Interestingly, an American Bishop has also stepped up (or stepped in it, as the case may be) to recognize publicly that the church credibility is "shredded".
The U.S. Catholic bishops' point man on sexual abuse has said that the hierarchy's credibility on fixing the problem is "shredded" and that the situation is comparable to the Reformation, when "the episcopacy, the regular clergy, even the papacy were discredited."
Maybe the hierarchy and "Princes of the Church" are the problem and need to get out of the way (since they cannot lead).  My RC friends continue to remind me that the Church is the People, not the Pope.  Perhaps the Pope should listen to the people... you know, people like Sr Simone who gave such a great speech at the DNC.

Regardless, one thing my wife notes about the Episcopal Church, is that she's allowed to bring her brain inside.  Throughout her life as a Roman Catholic, she was dismayed at the increasing authoritarianism and dogmatic demand that dissent was not allowed. She, like many others, believes that the true Vatican II spirit is in the Episcopal, not the Roman church.

And following the resolutions at General Convention, it's clear that the Episcopal Church is embracing the need for change.  Meanwhile, the Roman Catholic church will get smaller.  And all those troublesome liberals whom the Pope (along with Abp Nienstedt)  is slowly driving out?   Better tell them that The Episcopal Church Welcomes You.


Adam Wood said...

While I would be more than happy to welcome my liberal Roman Catholic friends home into the Episcopal Church, it's important to realize that the Pope said no such thing as what is being reported here. The implication that the Pope's words were directed at, specifically, those who disagree with the Church on social/sexual issues comes not from Benedict but from the director of Human Life International, an organization which does not speak for (or have direct relationship with) the Magisterium.

As with everything else in the last thousand years of anti-Papist propaganda: There are enough true things going wrong that we shouldn't need to be making stuff up.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

You can find a more straightforward reporting of the speech at EWTN.

I would love to welcome all those "non-conforming" RCs into the Episcopal fold--but I think of those who are trapped in dioceses like Albany or South Carolina. Unfortunately, there wouldn't be much change for them. :-(


IT said...

Updated accordingly. Thank you.

Related: I found the Two Catholic Religious at the DNC an interesting contrast. Timothy Cardinal Dolan takes swipes on religious "liberty" , abortion, and gay people marrying. Sr Simone Campbell talks about the poor. Which one is more in keeping with the words of Jesus?

JCF said...

Pope Benedict XVI ...suggested that those who disagree with Catholic teachings ... should leave the church rather than become betrayers like Judas

Judas yourself, "Your Holiness"! >:-/