Friday, July 13, 2012

Time to go fishing?

Many of our regular Episco-blogosphere friends are returning from Indianapolis today, and on twitter and facebook they are sharing stories of meeting people who didn't know about the Episcopal church and are now impressed.

We've heard stories of a hotel staffer who said "you are the first group of Christians I haven't hated", a waitress who thanks conventioneers for making her friends welcome, someone who never heard the word "Episcopalian" but who wants to check 'em out on Sunday.

Couple this to the wonderful description of baptism in a fountain (WAY TO GO, Elizabeth Kaeton!), and I think you can be well pleased with the outcomes of General Convention.

While the conservatives rail and gasp and prognosticate further decline, the press reports of inclusion have done wonders for your profile particularly amongst the young.  And although 12 sniffy conservative bishops complain about passage of same sex blessings, it wasn't even a narrow vote.  What comes out of this in the press isn't stories of a denomination torn, but one committed to justice,  and now stepping into the future with confidence.

And now, as several have pointed out on FB, it's time to go fishing.  Throw open those red doors, and welcome everyone inside.    Show those conservative doom-sayers just how wrong they are.

This isn't just a job for the conventioneers.  Any of you pew-sitters can do it too.  TEC is in the news.  People have heard about it.  So strike up a conversation and invite someone to church on Sunday.    "Whoever you are, and wherever you are on the journey of faith, you are welcome here."

Go, do it!

(Yes, the irony of your friendly Christian atheist or gratheist exhorting you to evangelize is not lost on me.  On the other hand, I evangelize for you regularly!   So much so, I  think I've earned a toaster.   :-) 


Brother David said...

Surely you've earned an iMac by now!

Counterlight said...

Indeed, I think the Episcopal Church is turning a corner. Thirty years of conflict seem to be coming to an end, and it's time to think about going forward.

I second Brother David's remark.

JCF said...

Heh, I just went fishing on about the most anti-religious site I know (Joe.My.God.). [On a Summer Getaway thread] I invited people to join me in the St Michael's Hiking Club!

Whoops, I guess I should extend that invite to y'all: I'm leading a hike on the Carson Pass, on Saturday, 7/21. If you're around in Sacramento that day, please join us! (Meet at St Mike's 7:30AM. For more info, email me, jcf1899 at gmail dot com)

Maybe someone reading this can come {nudge, nudge}