Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gay rights by state - interactive

The Guardian reports on gay rights by states in the USA with an interactive graphic showing different quality of life issues and the status of relationships.
Gathering data for a project like this is a challenge because of how much variation exists between states and whether the precedent originated as a definition in the constitution, as an amendment to it, or was determined by the courts. Using employment as an example, state definitions vary to include some combination of public and/or private sector jobs and whether sexual orientation and/or gender identity was included. To complicate matters further, local laws and federal regulations also extend additional or partial rights.


MarkBrunson said...

Oh, doesn't that shock me about Georgia! With all the Republicans in Atlanta, making money hand-over-fist from gay employees, waited on by poorly-tipped gay waiters and waitresses.

Of course, in Georgia, there is no protection in work, of any kind. An employer's right to fire and employee for refusing to engage in an illegal act was upheld in this pit.

Come, Lord Jesus and put an axe to the tree.

Counterlight said...

No wonder New York has so large a Southern diaspora!

MarkBrunson said...

Yes. And we need the traitors back to fight to get our beautiful land back!

Counterlight said...

Traitors? more like refugees

MarkBrunson said...

For those who can afford to seek refuge, maybe. The American way.

Still, we need them to fight for those they left behind in some way.