Friday, February 3, 2012

Contraception, abortion, Komen and Catholics (1)

Wow, so much to blog about, as people seek to control and manipulate the wombs of American women. My next two posts will address this.

First, the Roman Catholic Church is outraged that Catholic hospitals and other non-religious industries associated with Mother Church might be required to support contraception as part of their health care.

I'm all in favor of letting them have an exemption, EXCEPT for these points-- and they are big points.

1) For many women, patients as well as employees, there is no "choice" about a Catholic hospital. They are a big business and they OWN the medical care in many parts of the country. So you can't go off and go to a different hospital, or work for a different hospital: they are literally the only game in town. Should they be able to require that unwilling patients and employees live under Catholic Diktat?

2) And as NPR points out, while they may be Shocked! Shocked! at the current federal rules, there is already ample precedent: the fact remains that dozens of Catholic hospitals and universities currently offer contraceptive coverage as part of their health insurance packages because state laws require it.

3) We don't let a Catholic businessman deprive his employees from contraception because of his religious disagreement. Why is this different?

4) Contraceptive meds are also used for non-contraceptive treatments. As a lesbian birth control is not an issue, but I spent some time on the Pill for medical reasons. Do they think that could be denied?

5) They don't approve of gay relationships. Do you think they should be able to deny treatment to gay Americans? What if they are the only hospital in a region?

6)The rates of teen pregnancy AND abortion are much higher in the US than Western Europe. This is considered to reflect much easier access to contraception in Europe. As the bloodshed of the 30s pointed out, prohibition is seldom an effective strategy. But then, the interest is not in blocking abortion. It's in controlling women. Of course, the relative paucity of 6-children families in the local parishes reveal that in this as so many other things, the laity are practising a "don't ask don't tell" with the doctrines ofMother Church .

7) do you think they cover Viagra? Just asking.

And I say this as a baptised, confirmed, nun-educated and happily EX Roman Catholic.

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FWIW, I was once employed by an RC institution. But as I was part-time, I naturally never got to find out about their health insurance policies. {roll eyes}

How's that morning coffee smelling, Komen? >;-/