Thursday, January 5, 2012

Notes from the morning news

Linda Hirshman points out Santorum's mediaeval views on sex
Santorum has said repeatedly that he would work to overturn the Supreme Court’s 1965 decision in Griswold v. Connecticut, which stopped the states from making birth control criminal. And just in case you’re thinking that’s just to take the pill from those uppity women, the Catholic teaching is quite clear: All artificial birth control is forbidden, including the good old familiar male condom.... 
That an advocate of legislating strict Roman Catholic sexual doctrine came within eight votes of winning the first contest for the nomination of one of the two major American political parties warrants attention…. 
People who are perfectly happy with his assault on gay families may be a little more upset when they realize he wants to ban condoms and The Pill.

Oh, and while you're at it, go read Susan Russell's excellent blog on Santorum:
[T]he Republican presidential poster child for political homophobia Rick Santorum proclaims: "Ask me what motivates me, it's been the dignity of every human life." Unless it's a gay or lesbian life.
From the NY Times, on social mobility.  Not only do we have a country where income is outrageously inequitable,we also have lost the much-vaunted "mobility" that supposedly makes any child able to become a millionaire despite that inequality:
At least five large studies in recent years have found the United States to be less mobile than comparable nations.... 
By emphasizing the influence of family background, the studies not only challenge American identity but speak to the debate about inequality. While liberals often complain that the United States has unusually large income gaps, many conservatives have argued that the system is fair because mobility is especially high, too: everyone can climb the ladder. Now the evidence suggests that America is not only less equal, but also less mobile.
Which is why 1 in 2 Americans are are poor or low income.

And  let's finish off with Santorum's top 10.  Remember,  on top of this, he favors bombing Iran,  and denying welfare to black people.   Although he may claim to be a "good Catholic" most of his stands against the poor, in favor of war and of torture, are in direct opposition to Roman Catholic doctrine (H/T Ann for the link!)

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Not to mention that much that he "knows" about sex is wrong.