Saturday, October 29, 2011

Poll: Charting progress on equality in faith groups

We know that mainline Protestants and Roman Catholics have a majority in favor of marriage equality. Those unaffiliated with religion are even more supportive -- which explains in part why there is such a conflict between gay folks and Christians. But it's interesting to see the trendlines.

 Of course, the Roman Catholic hierarchy is an implacable foe, regardless of the view from the pew which is very supportive. Isn't it time for those supportive RC to stop living "don't ask don't tell" and stand up to their bishops?

  From the Pew Forum:


Grandmère Mimi said...

Gee, we mainliners are in a tie with the Roman Catholics. So much for listening to the pope. Still the unaffiliated put us to shame.

JCF said...

Of course, this chart also doesn't measure switching between groups (esp. those leaving Ev or Black Protestant for Mainline, and any religious leaving for Unaffiliated). Nor does it account for the size of the groups...and the age cohorts! (inc those dying off)