Friday, August 12, 2011

Remembering Kirstin

JCF represented the FoJ community at Kirstin Paisley's memorial last month and sends these scans of the order of service.  Plus, appropriately, a recipe for bread. You should be able to click for a closer view!

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JCF said...

It was a tremendously moving service, and "Grand Feast" after (complete w/ open mike---and String Band!).

Kirstin's life was not a simple one. But it seemed very healing (to me) that all of the elements of her life (her different families, by blood and choice) were present to remember her.

I hope y'all can see (from the program scans) just how great the music was (Yours Truly had a great time singing in the ad hoc choir---even though I haven't sung in a choir in 10 years!).

Kirstin's close friend Andee delivered the eulogy: strictly joyful, for all of Kirstin's many friends.

As you can also see, Kirstin's earthly remains will, um, remain (until the Parousia!) in the Cathedral, in their columbarium. If any of y'all ever visit Sacra-tomato, I hope you'll stop in and see her [Well, I hope you'll stop in and see me, in the flesh, too!]

Rest in peace/rise in glory, Kirstin! 0:-)