Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger notice

As you may know, Blogger had a meltdown Thursday, and during repair, they reverted all blogs to their Wednesday status. What this means is, posts and comments made on Thursday have been lost. Publishing is now enabled, and they say they are working to restore the missing data but whether they all come back or not remains to be seen.

More information: Blogger Status page and post describing the outage


Dredd said...

My posts are back with minimal damage, but pages are not back.

Nor to the tabs to pages at the top of the blog show up yet.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Mine are back but todays post was inverted with yesterdays being at the top of the page-- out of order but there--not so bad except I have a really important post from South African hate crimes against Lesbians-- we will see, I may repost it later-- it´s from Black Looks blog.