Friday, April 22, 2011

A National Good Friday?

In some sense, I feel like we're in a Good Friday as a nation. It's hard not to feel that the taunting crowds have won, with war, torture camps, extraordinary rendition, fiscal martial law, TSA groping, union busting, and evisceration of the social contract with the needy. The Republicans want to raise taxes on the poorest amongst us. Liberty and justice for all seem a long way off. As I swerve around potholes on the drive to work, I wonder if there is a Resurrection in our future. Or will we end up in a tomb forever sealed?


it's margaret said...

We will end up in a tomb.... just not forever sealed.

JCF said...

I once heard it said "Resurrection comes after death. It doesn't come after denial."

So much of the world seems about various kinds of denial.

Holy Week helps in stripping that away, to see things as they are.

...but Easter's Comin'! :-)

IT said...

My point is I don't see an Easter in national politics. But if the Republicans have their way, we may indeed see the tomb.

Here's yet another disaster that they are playing with.

Counterlight said...

The mob always wins the battles, but ultimately loses the war.

Counterlight said...

This might make you feel a little better.

JCF said...

I would love to guarantee you an "Easter" in national politics, IT. God only knows, I want one. God only knows, I've worked/will work for one.

But the guaranteed Easter is "not of this world" (Geez, sounds almost like a blog title, eh? ;-/)

...which is why the church provides us a "little Easter" every Sunday...and the annual one starting (variously) tomorrow night!

Speaking personally: it's the little Easters (and esp. the GVE tomorrow/Sunday) which give the strength to fight the Big Bad Crucifying World (which today's GOP exemplifies).