Saturday, March 26, 2011

How dare you criticize The Party

A faculty member at Wisconsin who followed the money trail of the labor-bashing Governor and ALEC, and wrote an op-ed for the NY Times about it, apparently riled up the Republicans. They are asking for Freedom of Information access to the professor's email, looking for anything they can use to discredit him.

The warning is clear. If you dare disagree with the Party, they will go after you. Great way to shut down dissent or disagreement, isn't it?

As I said, you may say "pshaw" when I mention fascism, or highlight the attack on representative democracy in Michigan, but there is something very, very dangerous afoot in this country.

Update More on the request from the NY Times


Hilary said...

Plus what does it say about academic freedom? (That's rhetorical, I know what it says.)

We live in scary times.

Grandmère Mimi said...

IT, I agree. There is something very dangerous and destructive afoot in the US. Certain zealots in the Republican party have no shame and have a damaged concept of boundaries.

jw said...

I too agree with you 100%. Scary; and not many seem to see. Didn't a small party in the 1930s start off as a small party that gradually took over, democratically, voted in by the people?

Counterlight said...

The Republicans these days act just like the old Soviet Communist Party they once so obsessed over in days gone by.

Counterlight said...

The Republicans act like Lenin while the Democrats act like Kerensky; ruthless versus feckless.

Anonymous said...

pshaw pshaw pshaw