Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jon Stewart comments on rhetoric

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Arizona Shootings Reaction
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Counterlight said...

Not sure I buy the whole idea of equivalency between both left and right in all the demands for civil discourse.
There was a time when there really was equivalency between extreme left and extreme right in violence and violent rhetoric, almost 40 years ago when the Symbionese Liberation Army was the last truly violent left wing group demanding the overthrow of the government, a truly left wing equivalent of right wing militant groups who've become even more aggressive over the past 4 decades while the last survivors of the SLA enter their dotage.

I agree that Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin did not kill those 6 people in Tuscon, and I haven't heard anyone blame them for that. There is a universe of difference between the Chamber of Commerce complaining about high taxes and excessive regulation and some white-supremacist nutcase with a gun collection. There is even a world of difference between Fox News stroking people's resentments and petty bigotries to advance an agenda and some separatist group calling for secession and a new Civil War. There is a huge difference between all of those and the machinations of a delusional or sociopathic mind.
But, there is a lot of angry violent stuff out there in rallies and on the teevee that really makes me wonder.

I remember when William F. Buckley threw out of the conservative movement anyone who refused to see the difference between a liberal and a Communist. What would he think now?

JCF said...

But did you hear Sarah Palin's latest?

It's All About Her: her post-Tucson-shooting critics are committing

{wait for it}

"blood libel"

against her!


Hermano David | Brother Dah • veed said...

Yes but JCF, she is too stupid to have written any of that speech. She probably had to have most of the big words 'splained to her. Not to mention how to say them.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

I so agree!