Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

It's a good holiday. It's based on taking stock (before making stock ;-), counting one's blessings, and enjoying a meal in the company of friends and family. Even if you don't always get along or agree, you can always come together for a meal, right?

May your day be full of good cheer in the love of friends, family, and of course, pets of all sorts. Even if they are turkeys.


Ann said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all my cyberfriends -

JCF said...

How did I spend the afternoon?

Hiking, in my favorite local park . . . amidst (FLOCKS of) wild turkeys!

...and then we came home to my best friend's place, and ate one of their less-fortunate domesticated cousins. Delish! ;-p

Thankful for my friends and family. Thankful for parks, w/ wild turkeys. Thankful for the arts of animal domestication---and yes, said table centerpiece's sacrifice. Thankful for Our World. THANK GOD!

Hermano David | Brother Dah • veed said...

Did you know that the turkeys that you lot eat are Mexican? They crossed the Atlantic twice, once each way, to get to you.

The Conquistadores took domesticated Mexican turkeys native to the Yucatan, Meleagris ocellata, back to Spain and they went from there to all of Europe by way of Turkey. They were referred to as turkey fowl. The Brits preferred the turkeys that they were used to, so they brought the Mexican turkeys in Europe to the colonies, rather than eat the local wild ones, Meleagris gallopavo. Those turkeys became the founding stock of the turkey industry in the US and Canada.