Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It Gets Better (video)

The project has a new website.

And our own Susan Russell has made a fabulous contribution to offer hope to any LGBT person being spiritually bullied. Share widely!


Paul (A.) said...

Last night I attended a screening of For the Bible Tells Me So at Rutgers College, which was followed by a talkback featuring Director Daniel Karslake and Mary Lou Wallner and her husband. (This was scheduled in April, long before Rutgers student Tyler Clementi's suicide.)

Surprisingly, most of those present hadn't seen this documentary before.

The film is available from Blockbuster and Netflix.

The documentary is focused on the reaction of parents to their children coming out as gay. It features Gene Robinson and his parents, Chrissy Gephart and her parents, and others not so well known. The interview snippets with Archbishop Tutu are memorable.

Pat Brumbaugh said...

What a wonderful, thoughtful, insightful message. Everyone should see this.....especially those "Christians" who are so hateful & condemning towards their fellow human beings (all of whom are children of God). Thank you for posting this:)