Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Incredibly stupid man speaks about Hawai'i

By now you have heard that the twice-divorced governor of Hawai'i vetoed the legislatively passed civil unions bill because she opposes marriage for gay people, and "the people should vote". (Yeah, and how do you think a vote would have turned out in Selma?)

Never mind this was not "marriage" but civil unions. It is not and never was about marriage, but about any recognition of gay people.

Anyway, from the Honolulu Star-Advertiser's coverage
Opponents of civil unions celebrated Lingle's veto but recognized that the community appears divided.

"We feel the stress in this community, and that's not our objective at all," said Francis Oda, chairman of the Hawaii Family Forum. "What we want to do is create unity in this community."
That is the single most stupid comment any of the anti-gay side has ever uttered.

How can there be unity with someone who denies my essential humanity and civil rights, who wants my family to be second class, my relationship permanently illegal and unprotected?

Seriously, what can this man be thinking? He has reached into the homes of his fellow citizens and done his best to rent them asunder and thinks there is a possibility for "unity"?


James said...

Well said. But they are as bloody minded as George Armstrong Custer was that morning by the Little Big Horn. History has a way of exposing stupidity, ignorance, and bigotry.

JCF said...

Oh, IT, IF ONLY you (and me, and all queers) would "unite" yourself to the heterosexual side o' thangs, then there would be Mr Oda's "unity"!


Marshall Scott said...

"Seriously, what can this man be thinking?"

As they say often enough on those cop/lawyer shows, "Assumes facts not in evidence" - that the person was thinking.