Wednesday, July 14, 2010

TEC to the rescue! Holy Family Adoption Services in LA

From the Huff Po:
Holy Family Adoption Services provides adoption, foster care, and family support services for infants and toddlers who are often born into very high-risk situations and require placement into a loving home. ....

For most of its organizational life, Holy Family Adoption Services operated in partnership with the Catholic Archdiocese in Los Angeles. It had the financial and in-kind support from the church as well as the support of many generous Catholic individuals and foundations - until it became known that the Holy Family Adoption Services staff placed a handful of the thousands of children it cared for with same-sex couples. ...

The Catholic Archdiocese withdrew their support, as did most Catholic donors. Holy Family Adoption Services was forced to lay off staff, reduce services, and seek new sources of support in the midst of an economic recession.

Enter Bishop Jon Bruno of the Episcopal Diocese. When Bishop Bruno learned of Holy Family's courage and fate, he invited the organization to be housed under the auspices of his church. This kept the organization alive.
More is needed, of course. Go visit the HuffPo article and learnmore.

Full credit to Jon Bruno, Bishop of LA. He rescued the Silverlake JCC. Now he steps in to help these kids. Bishop Jon cares about kids, he cares about the community, and he walks the walk. LA is very very lucky to have him. Now there's a Bishop to be proud of.

Gotta say, Roman Catholic Archdiocese, you aren't looking so good here.

(H/T the Lead)


JCF said...

+Jon does more on one leg, than most people do on two!

[FYI: +Jon lost his leg (to a drug-resistant infection) at about the same time of the ORGY of the JP2's burial/B16's enthronement. At the time I had a blog, I wrote about this contrast, tying it into Ursula K. Leguin's beautiful short story The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas. +Jon Bruno is one who limped away from Omelas, and we in TEC are blessed for it.]

IT said...

Former football player and former cop, too. Quite the character. If you don't know the story from the JCC (Jewish Communty Center), click on the link in my post. He's a hero to the Silverlake jewish community too.

JCF said...

"The bishop's son converted a few years ago": I betcha +Jon doesn't kvetch "Where did I go wrong?" either!

JCF, whose (ethnically half-Jewish *) mom did just that, when my brother converted 20 years ago... ;-/

* Though I didn't know that, till after her death, unfortunately. Ah, families! O_o