Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A catholic priest says pope should resign

A brave priest says it all.

And for more on The Episcopal Church and abuse here are my thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Ann.

The work has started, but it is not complete. Your essay says certain processes are required, but in the comments to the article we see that at the ground level those are simply not happening in many cases.

Please continue this work.

For every process ensure there is monitoring.

Where the process is not carried out ensure there is appropriate discipline to fix that.

Establish lay led victim support bodies to be the place where victims can go as a safe place for their concerns to be heard and addressed - too many bishops have proved they are incapable of dealing with these cases.

Open a diologue with SNAP. They regularly protest at some of the actions of the Episcopal church. Ensure their concerns are heard and addressed without having to go the route of protests.

Ensure each diocese and church has a 'report abuse' button on their homepage which tells any victim what their rights are and how to contact the lay led victims support body. Ensure that body has the teeth to get the results the victims need, and is not run by lawyers and people trying to protect the assets of the church, but by people who have a passion for victims rights and ensuring those victims get a fair hearing and all support and compensation they deserve.

Keep making a difference!

David G. said...

You GO Father!!