Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Devastation in Haiti

From the LA Times:
There was no official estimate of those killed and injured in Tuesday's 7.0 earthquake, which collapsed numerous government ministry offices and an unknown number of other buildings and shanties in the impoverished capital of 2 million. Aid workers predicted the toll would reach into the thousands.

Haiti's ambassador to the United States, Raymond Joseph, appealed early today for medical help and rescue specialists as officials begin to assess the quake's toll. He said the country was in urgent need of a hospital ship and rescue personnel.

More information from The Lead, including links to other sources, and how you can help.


David |Dah • veed| said...

Of all the nations in this hemisphere, Haiti, being the poorest, was least equipped for such a disastrous catastrophe!

7.3 and His Excellency the President lately reporting hundreds of thousands to have perished. I hope that is an uneducated overestimate.

Lord hear our prayers for these our brothers and sisters in soar distress of Haiti.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Hear our Prayers!

JCF said...

I'd like to send a shout-out/hat-tip to Episcopal Relief and Development (recalling that the Diocese of Haiti is the LARGEST membership diocese in TEC).

Their donation page is here (Just check the button at the top, to direct your donation to Haitian Earthquake Relief. Note that $12 is the minimum on-line donation, but there is a mailing address for smaller donations at the bottom of the page)

Of course, ERD helps all, w/o regard for religion---but great for Episcopalians to channel our help through OUR own? (And not, say, through Pat Robertson's "Haitians are reaping their deal w/ the Devil" assistance fund? >:-/)

dr.primrose said...

ERD is also an endowed fund, which means that relatively little of anyone's donation goes to operating expenses. This is one of the FAQs from its webSite:

"How much does Episcopal Relief & Development spend on overhead? In 2008, Episcopal Relief & Development funds were expended as follows: 85% on program implementation, 5% on administration and 10% on fundraising. Because support that we receive from the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society in the form of contributed services offsets a significant portion of our administrative expenses, as does our own investment income, 92% of your donor dollar goes directly to programs in the field."