Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Hat Tip to Lisa at My Manner of Life for quoting this:
A lot of nice Episcopalians are wondering why it's worse to elect gays as bishops than target them for genocide. Even those that find gays embarrassing don't usually want to kill them, or report them to the police. Some of us know most of the politics behind all this, but are still incredulous. There's a fine line between diplomacy and hypocrisy; the Archbishop of Canterbury has crossed it, holding hand high as he dashes over the finish line.

Most Christians don't think LGBTs are scum, and just generally go about church life in a private way. Their faith is quiet, and that's why it isn't in the news. They go to Sunday services, maybe do some community service, and pray for those in trouble. They don't need to condemn others to feel better, and they aren't on street corners telling people to get saved to avoid burning in hell. Some even think Jesus said that was what God wants, and will prove that with bible verses if you ask about it.

I'm one of those Christians. I don't care if you want to sleep with men, or women, or both, though do be nice about it. It's probably a good idea not to poach any man of mine, but that's a personal problem. And I have an unspoken agreement with my Rector: I don't interfere in his bedroom, and he's not allowed in mine except to use the master bath.

This treatise won't make some Christians happy, and no doubt I'll get some messages urging me to get saved. So I'll leave you with a quote by William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1942-1944. "Madam, I was saved as a wee lad when I was baptized, I am being saved right now, and I will be saved when my good Lord comes again. Now, leave me alone!"


textjunkie said...

Amen to that!
(and a Happy New Year to you, too!)

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

And Amen!

David said...

Great response by Abp. Temple to the std. nosiness of pushy, religious busybodies!