Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Coming for Money

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee phoned me last night to ask for money.

I said "no".

I said, "I'll give money to candidates who support issues I believe in, and who stand up for a progressive agenda in Congress." I didn't elect democrats to cave on health care reform, or to escalate wars.

I said, "A big issue to me is equality, specifically DOMA* and DADT**. And unless the caucus starts standing up for justice for all Americans, I'll keep my hard-earned dollars for the candidates who aren't afraid to support my rights." (ENDA *** is stalled too.)

The woman on the phone was very nice. She sympathized with my view point and thanked me for my prior support.

BP and I are focusing our giving on people who need it. These days, I'm particularly fond of supporting Feeding America (formerly America's Second Harvest). We give a large donation to them in lieu of giving presents to the extended family. i don't think they like it very much, but we all are comfortably off, and we don't need more STUFF. We give small things and tokens, and when we do buy, we try to support good causes. One of our new favorites, the Tomorrow Project,helps homeless women in San Diego get back on their feet. They package soup mixes and spice rubs and the like and they are really, really tasty! We met them at an alternative gift fair at the Cathedral, but you can check them out online.

What are you doing this season?

* Defense of Marriage Act
** Don't Ask Don't Tell (liars, they ask all the time)
*** Employment Non-Discrimination Act

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Ann said...

Same here -- gifts to Episcopal Relief and Development - 4 star Charity Navigator rating for most use of funds on actual relief and development! are our usual form of gift giving as well as receiving. We have too much stuff for sure - have gotten rid of half of it in our pending move - still have too much.