Sunday, November 8, 2009

Recruiting the faithful

Here's a great site focused on winning over people of faith to the cause of equality: Get to know us first in faith

Through a partnership with the California Council of Churches and California Faith for Equality, we are distributing Study Guides and DVDs to over 5,000 houses of worship. Our kit provides an accessible starting point to discuss the scriptural references to homosexuality and the differences between civil and religious marriage.
The kit uses a DVD, and a 5 page handout to facilitate discussion.

You can adopt a congregation, or suggest one.

All the materials are available for viewing on their website. These resources might be useful to anyone who is starting the conversation.

Check it out!


it's margaret said...

thank you for posting this. I printed out the handouts as tomorrow night I will be part of a panel talking about "sexuality and the church" at the Baptist Seminary here in Richmond. I think I will be the token 'gay-lover' --I ask for your prayers.

Blessings IT.

IT said...

O I'm glad it was helpful Margaret! Kinda speaking tothe choir here but useful to remember that you are missionaries for us. ;-)

I hope the lion's den is friendlier than you fear.

Anonymous said...

Any chance someone can send this package to the folks (all of them) in South Carolina; especially the parish that is using that bogus set of "discernment documents" put out by the reactionairies in Falls Church, VA? If we could send it to those in the parish who are using those documents as an alternative set of documents, I would pay for it.


IT said...

If you go to their website you can arrange to send the materials to congregations yourself.