Monday, November 23, 2009

Gay Ugandan asks us to speak out

From Changing Attitude:
“Funny, I am a Ugandan, desperately worried because of this Bill in parliament. If it passes, which most likely it will, I and my partner will face life imprisonment, or death, once caught.

“Is it surprising that I don’t mind anyone, even a 'foreigner' speaking out for me? Especially when I cannot speak out myself in my country about this bill? I used to like political correctness until I realised that life does not follow its rules. My country mates plan to kill me, and you fear to say no, because you don’t think you as a foreigner should comment?


Leonardo Ricardo said...


WE, means, WE are ALL SISTERS AND BROTHERS and if LGBT people are persecuted and demoralized in Bishop Orombi´s vile LEADERSHIP at The Anglican Church of Uganda WE can also POINT TO the INACTIVE efforts of The Archbishop of Canterbury, The Archbishop of York (who is a Ugandan and escaped from Idi Amin), The Anglican United Nations Observer for Human Rights (who is Ugandan) and the self
-imagined ¨prudent¨ leadership at The Episcopal Church to speak out against this pending atrocity!


JCF said...

I once met a Ugandan lesbian (at a meeting of OASIS in Michigan).

Unsurprisingly, she no longer lives in Uganda! [She was visiting the US, but lives w/ her (European) partner somewhere in Europe. The Netherlands, IIRC].