Thursday, October 15, 2009

Politics as religion

From the LA Times:
For decades now, liberals have been agonizing because conservatives seem to win even when polls show that the public generally disagrees with them. .... But it is becoming increasingly clear that liberals haven't just been succumbing to superior message control, or even to a superior political narrative (conservatives' frontier individualism versus liberals' communitarianism). They are up against something far more intractable and far more difficult to defeat. They are up against religion.

Perhaps the single most profound change in our political culture over the last 30 years has been the transformation of conservatism from a political movement, with all the limitations, hedges and forbearances of politics, into a kind of fundamentalist religious movement, with the absolute certainty of religious belief.

I don't mean "religious belief" literally. This transformation is less a function of the alliance between Protestant evangelicals, their fellow travelers and the right (though that alliance has had its effect) than it is a function of a belief in one's own rightness so unshakable that it is not subject to political caveats. In short, what we have in America today is a political fundamentalism, with all the characteristics of religious fundamentalism and very few of the characteristics of politics.
And it is a religion immune to facts. Death panels, for example, what lunacy! Denial of global warming and climate change. Insistence on even discredited views, rejection of science and demonization of the intellect. And of course, elevation of an ignorant populist (Sarah Palin) to the highest level. Season with threats of violence and accusations of socialism. I've lived in Europe. A public option in health care ain't socialism.
You cannot beat religion with politics, which is why the extreme right "wins" so many battles. The fundamentalist political fanatics will always be more zealous than mainstream conservatives or liberals. They will always be louder, more adamant, more aggrieved, more threatening, more willing to do anything to win. Losing is inconceivable.....

This political fundamentalism has also invaded the general culture in deleterious ways. The ugly incivility of recent months is partly the result of political fundamentalists who have nothing but contempt for opposing viewpoints, which gives them license to shout down opponents or threaten them, just as jihadis everywhere do.

Those who oppose the religification of politics may think all they have to do is change tactics, but they are sadly, tragically mistaken. They can never win, because for the political fundamentalists, this isn't political jousting, this is Armageddon.
Yes, over the top, but stilll... a kernal of truth, don't you think? If so, then how do liberal values, religious or secular, counter it?


David said...

I wouldn't even call it "over the top." Author nails it, as far as I'm concerned.

Heck, just this morning I logged out of Facebook in disgust at the posts of several "friends of a friend" who were going off about how Pres. Obama is trying to DESTROY THE CONSTITUTION (their caps, not mine) because he, wait for it... plans to accept the Nobel Prize. WTF ?!

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Not over the top but very true - and very dangerous. And we didn't see it coming.