Friday, July 17, 2009

One hand giveth....

While we are happy at the GC's endorsement of GLBT friendly issues, we haven't talked about the drastic budget reductions TEC has suffered. But they have hit one of our own. Fr Terry Martin, aka Fr Jake, has a sad announcement at his blog. His job is one of the 37 eliminated from the national church. Rather foolhardy to eliminate evangelism entirely, you'd think, but there you are.

I think Fr Terry is by nature a traveller, so I hope this transition is kind to him as he steps out on the road for this next stage of his journey. And perhaps we might see Fr Jake along the way?


Grandmère Mimi said...

Very sad. Terry was so enthusiastic about what was happening with the Evangelism Program at the convention.

Cany said...

It's a loss, for sure, but I just have to trust (something called faith) that God has other plans for our Father T.

In this case, T is for Transition.

Anonymous said...

I wish Fr. Terry the best and am sure that this will all end well for him.

Having said that, I find myself questioning the wisdom of TEC not only cutting the entire evangelism program, but doing so less than a year after trying to revitalize it. It seems to me that it's being cut before it had any chance to really get traction or make progress, which makes me wonder why TEC made such an investment only a year ago. Have things really gone that far downhill.

It also reminds me of one of my former employers, a company that was notorious for going through organizational "restructurings" every three to six months. After seeing dozens of announcements about this or that person being moved to a new department or some new position being created, many of us began to joke that corporate had no real plan of how to make the company more profitable so they were merely doing periodic restructurings hoping to luck out and hit the "magic" arrangement that will do better. Sadly, our jokes had a very serious undertone.

I hope that the elimination of the evangelism department a mere eleven months after its restructuring isn't a sign that some in TEC are falling into a similar folly as my former employer.

-- Jarred.