Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Notes from Around

Just to remind you, I am putting most of my gay marriage posts over at the blog Gay Married Californian. I have started a series there on The Religion Question, since much of the argument against us is explicitly religious. Stop by and see what you think. The series will continue throughout this week. (I may cross post some of it over here, and it will also appear on DailyKos and Street Prophets). Later this summer, I am planning to do an extended series on the genetics of homosexuality, so if you want to learn some science, keep your eyes out for that one.

Since I will not be dominating the discourse here with one subject, that will leave Friends less crowded so we can discuss more of the issues coming up to General Convention, among other things. Reminder: we still need to sort out a blogger get-together during GC. Check out the Friends in Anaheim page if you are going--right now, there is a suggestion that we meet after the Integrity service Friday night, but someone brought up a question about a potential conflict. I'm not a delegate so I can't resolve it.

Speaking of GC, Integrity has released a video about the infamous resolution B033, which you can see at Susan Russell's blog.

Geek notes: On a normal weekday, FoJ receives between 150-200 unique visitors (not counting those who read us on a feed). On the Prop8 Day of Decision, this blog received 439 unique visitors, with 625 page loads (that means some people came by more than once). Wow!


Ann said...

And now comes word of a secret (closeted?) theology committee from the Episcopal Church House of Bishops studying same sex relationships. Read here

IT said...

That's amazing...talk about making the gay folks into mere objects. You should put up a post on this.

Ann said...

posted just now.