Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bishop Robinson: "Patience is wearing thin"

From a new interview with Bishop Robinson:

On marriage in New Hampshire:
JS: I know that Gov. John Lynch had said that he personally believes that marriage is between a man and woman, but this is a compromise that he felt was suitable and that would represent where public opinion is and where lawmakers are on this issue. Do you sense that your colleagues across various faiths are supportive of the changes that were implemented?

GR: The fact of the matter is that the changes that the governor proposed did not put anything into place that was not already guaranteed under the law. .... But in fact what he was demanding was a statement and a restatement and indeed an overstatement of what was already true so as to assure religious people who oppose this that they would not have to participate in ways that violated their consciences.
On Obama:
JS: Let me ask you about Pres. Obama. There's much consternation bubbling up in the gay community that he's not visible on issues of interest to the community. Many say, for example, they'd like him to do more in trying to retract the military's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy. And yet he's been awfully quiet since taking office on this and other issues. Do you feel like he's losing some goodwill among gays and lesbians?

GR: I think that a number of us are beginning to be impatient with him. The argument that he's got other things on his plate really doesn't hold water since he has certainly demonstrated an ability to multitask and to tackle very, very important issues at the same time..... I still believe that he is going to move forward on [DADT] and on the Defense of Marriage Act and so on, but I do think patience is wearing thin, and I think it's time for him to begin to give this some of his time and energy.
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Марко Фризия said...

I served in the U.S. Army under DADT and I hate the policy. I think the policy was responsible for creating a hostile environment where soldier Barry Winchell and sailor Allen Schindler were beat to death on active duty. We have lost the equivalent of an entire Army division (a division is a military unit roughly the size of 13,000 troops -- like the size of the 101st Airborne Division) because of this policy. And we are in a time when the USA is involved in two wars and no one (especially straight young Republicans) seems very enthused about joining the military and many troops are killing themselves to escape the stress of the military. Recent polling seems to indicate that even most conservatives want to discard this ban:

All of that said, the alternative to President Obama was John McCain and Sarah Palin. Oh, I am so very happy to not be five months into a McCain-Palin administration. Even though I am a gay veteran and angry about President Obama's sluggish approach to DADT, I am also very concerned about issues of war and peace, torture, the economic mess we're in, corporate corruption, war crimes, health care availability for all people, public resources for the poor, etc. In general, I also like the idea that George Bush is out of power (and back in Texas) and that President Obama (who seems to be sane and intelligent) is the person with access to US nuclear weapon command and control. I am not excusing the administration's aproach to DADT, but I still give President Obama a B+ for his performance so far. I do think it is good that Bishop Gene Robinson is holding the administration accountable about glbtq civil rights. We all should. But I believe Bishop Gene, if asked, would express that his concerns with public policy go way beyond the limits of civil rights for non-heterosexual persons.

Cany said...

right now, the focus is on health care and if we DON'T get something before September, we likely won't get it at all...

i know, i know... but remember, this is also something people need badly.

politics is often timing and if congress isn't dead set on passing something, it will get delayed.

i would be contacting my friendly democratic (or otherwise supportive republican) congressional members and tell them that the time is now.

policy goes up, not down remember.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Unlike my point of view regarding the ++Rowan/Archbishop of Canterbury, I have great Faith and Trust in President Barack Obama...I´ll FAST until Barack comes through enhancing justice for LGBT Christians/others!

IT said...

My fear, frankly, is that the GLBT community is just the first to be tossed aside. We're just the first to be disappointed. Will he step up on healthcare or other issues? Or will he compromise other issues down the rivier?

And then, even if those are done, what then? Oh there will be something else more important than the fags and dykes.

And we'll still be left behind.

2010 is too soon. 2012 is too inconvenient. Maybe 2014? Oh don't f&&& up the second term midterms...

and gay families will die. (See today's GMC. Rhode Island has a bill for DPs if YOU ARE DEAD.)



Dr King had a few things to say about "wait".

Fred Preuss said...

Probably the most self-absorbed group of people on earth-believers, especially middle class mainline protestants.