Friday, May 8, 2009

A new blog, a new ad ,for gay marriage

Perfect new ad. What's so scary about Frances and Cynthia?

I would also like to launch a New Blog:
Gay Married Californian

Why? Because I want to create a space for those of us who are in the limbo of being Gay Married Californians to tell our stories, and to provide a central place for the talking points and resources to support gay marriage in this state. Please stop by and say hello!


Leonardo Ricardo said...

IT, I´ve got you listed on my LIVE from Central America, Blog Roll¨In the Thick of Reality¨´s official, I´ve paid so much California State Taxes I feel as if I´ve got premium stock in the Gay Marriage deal!

rosaliesgirl said...

Hi IT:
This is Dr. Val from the old Fr. J. blog. Haven't been around in the blogosphere for a while...had to pay more attention to my job. I would love to see your new blog. My partner and I got married in October.

Lynn said...

Frances and Cynthia - whoa, they do look like really scary women.. But ya just know when the cameras are off, they'll start plotting to destroy traditional marriage :-)

Thanks, will go check out what's been put together and watch the new ad.

IT said...

Hi Dr Val, please go visit the new blogGay Married Californian and post your story there!