Friday, May 29, 2009

Meet in the middle for equality: update

On Saturday May 30,take a road trip to Fresno for Meet in the Middle: take the discussion to the heartland where the battle must be fought. Check the website for facebook and twitter connections, carpools, etc.

Faith leaders are invited to march from Selma to Fresno in honor of the great rights movements of the past. . To march, please meet at the Q Street lot, behind Fresno City Hall, at 6:30am for individual, organizational and media check-in for transportation services to the Selma to Fresno March starting point - please, RSVP for the march in advance.

California Faith for Equality (CAFFE) is sponsoring a "Faith Tent" at the Rally. They are making a broad invitation for faith communities to bring literature for the tent. Church brochures, event flyers, general info and action Items - everything welcome. Help show the media that religious people support marriage equality. To find the Tent look for the blue and orange logo for CAFFE.

Update: the long hard slog to repealing 8 begins on a march from Selma to Fresno.
Photo LA Times


Cany said...

I wish I could go... I cannot possibly leave the animals for that long.

But take my heart with you, everyone, when you go.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Me too, I´d love to come and march with you...however, I´ll be arriving a tad later than tomorrow for a westcoast/midwest visit this Summer. Wasn´t Death Valley available for the anti-lgbt movement and their counter ¨gay marriage¨ march? Not to worry, they´d be fine, Mormons are used to deserts and they reproduce under the most any conditions.

Anonymous said...

Well, unfortunately I'm in Minnesota this weekend....but hopefully some of our lurkers will go.


Cany said...

I watched much of it live and it was excellent! They are also training activists and the first group (already trained) is going door x door tonight!

JCF said...

the long hard slog to repealing 8 begins on a march from Selma to Fresno.

Wow, there's a description (and pic) pregnant with meaning!

"Selma to": of course makes one think of "Selma to Montgomery" (Alabama) in the CR mvt.

...and a march in the Central Valley makes one think of Cesar Chavez and the UFW.

Good stuff, organizers---reaching back to liberation movements past, to BUILD SOLIDARITY! :-D

IT said...

Yes, I thnk that was all apparent in the decision...